How to Fix a Warped Wood Cutting Board

It is beyond frustrating when your cherished wood cutting board begins to warp. If taken care of properly, a wood kitchen cutting board can last for generations. However, don’t get discouraged, wood is an extremely forgiving material so don’t throw that board away quite yet!

How Wood Cutting Boards Gets Warped

There are a few different things that cause kitchen wood cutting boards to warp. Prevention is key! First, it is crucial that you never soak your kitchen cutting board while washing it. When moisture sits in the wood it will cause it to warp. Although it is extremely important to clean cutting boards thoroughly with soapy water, you never want to fully submerge it. After washing the food cutting board, always lay it horizontally, standing a wet or even damp board on its side is just begging for problems.

It is also very important to never put a hot pan off the stove or dish out of the microwave on your food cutting board. The heat compromises the integrity of the board. Furthermore, if the board is the slight bit wet, the moisture mixed with the heat will form steam that will warp your board in lightening speed.

Fixing A Warped Cutting Board

Although you will hear over and over again to never soak your board, professionals say sometimes the only way to fix a warped cutting board is to break the rules. It is suggested that if your board is warped and you are desperate then if you wet the board and put flat weights of some sort on it, allowing it to dry with the concave side down, it should unwarp itself. Be prepared to not use the board for awhile and give it time to dry completely.

Prevent a Cutting Board from Warping

Preventing wood cutting boards from warping is much easier than trying to fix a warp after it happens. There are easy things you can do to keep your board in good shape and pro-long its life.

  • Never submerge your board in water or get it soaking wet.
  • Keep your board stored horizontally, especially when it is drying.
  • Never set anything hot on your board.
  • Keep your board seasoned. A well oiled and maintained cutting board will deal with wear and tear with a bit more grace then a dried out one.

Taking care of your wood cutting board properly every time you use it will allow it to last an extremely long time and alleviate any frustration you will feel later having to deal with a warped one. Taking a couple extra minutes to take care of this valuable kitchen tool properly will keep in flat which promotes cutting board safety.

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